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          • "Create products and services combining art and quality"

          • Hongbao sanitary ware provides you with VIP level products and services

            Professional ceramic basin manufacturer

          About Us

          Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the concept of combination of aesthetics, function and life, introducing advanced foreign production equipment, and each process is meticulous to ensure the quality of products. Production of high-quality and famous brand products is the pursuit of our company as always, "constantly surpass and never stop" is our tenet. We design and produce a batch of high-quality products with modern characteristics with the theme of academic design of human engineering, with art as decoration, high-quality raw materials and imported glazes, and environmental protection and water-saving functions. Shape and color are indispensable in modern design. Therefore, we use color to create a pleasant and comfortable effect by vision and touch, and let your busy life integrate into the most harmonious and fresh feeling.



          Chaozhou HungPo Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

          Contact Number 0768-6873859
          Contact Address No.11, Xixi East Road, changmeiqiaotou, Fengxi District, Chaozhou City

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